From 2022 to the present

Backend Developer @Sovcombank Technologies

A leading provider of banking IT outsourcing services across Russia.

Responsibilities: development, support of microservices in php, symfony, go.

2019 - 2022

Senior Backend Developer @GEGI LLC

SaaS system for higher education institutions in the United States.

Responsibilities: development in php, symfony, laravel. Participation in sawing the monolith, implementation of microservice architecture, setting tasks.

2018 - 2019

PHP Developer

Areas of activity of the company: fullfilment, custody services, cargo transportation and courier services.

Responsibilities: development in php, drupal, refinement and support of the warehouse management system, integration with Russian Post API and similar systems.

2017 - 2018

Own project manager @PerevozkiSPB.rf

Site of cargo transportation in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

Responsibilities: raising and maintaining the project from scratch, coordination of executors, customization of back office (node.js, php), implementation of nlp-library for text generation.

Backend Developer

E-commerce startup

2016 - 2017

Backend Developer

Responsibilities: development in php, symfony, shell, writing from scratch api 2.0 product catalog, data migration from previous version, functional and acceptance testing.

Result: launched MVP, implemented asynchronous catalog update in mongoDB from Mysql.

PHP Developer

Responsibilities: development in php, symfony, phalcon, silex of the message board and forum

Result: writing a media server and migration of all data from the old engine, solving current tasks for project concerning SEO, frontend improvements.


PHP Developer

Responsibilities: development of ticket booking system on Zend FW + SOAP.

Result: implementation of statistics module, generation of business trip reports for clients, solving tasks related to customer support in case of booking system failure, finalization of frontend part.

PHP Developer

Responsibilities: development in php, symfony, doctrine, automation of internal processes of a telecom company, integration with 1c.

Result: writing a service for installers, porting code to git, composer, customizing Redmine for teamwork with code.

2010 — 2015

Backend Developer

Responsibilities: development in php, XSL, node.js, development and support of air, train, hotel booking system (SOAP, backbone.js, grunt, LESS).

Result: integration with Sabre GDS, launch and implementation in redmine, gitlab team, participation in server administration, writing ToRs, flowcharts, test automation(phpunit, selenium, mocha.js) customer support for complex cases.

Opensource: developing wrapper for jade/pug templating engine on coffeescript.


PHP Developer @KM Online

Responsibilities: development in php, maintenance of a news portal, gradual migration to Drupal.

Result: Development and support of highload-portals: